BitBoost Marketplace

A global, decentralized,
e-commerce marketplace app.

How it works

Do you like low fees?
Tired of having your personal data collected and sold
to third parties, or stolen by data hackers?

Easy and secure, BitBoost Marketplace gives you the ability
to trade peacefully with people all over the world.


Available now for Windows and macOS.
Linux and mobile devices coming soon!


Check out features, browse goods,
and chat with sellers.


Buy goods or create your
own listings.

Main features

Developed by BitBoost

BitBoost Marketplace (BBM) is an online app that connects buyers and sellers directly in a global marketplace. The app's smart contracts make e-commerce easier and more secure. For a good introduction, check out this video.

Easy to use

To use the app, just download and install it, and then create a Wallet. You can load your Wallet from within the application.

Low/No fees

Sellers, do you like low fees? Our app charges very low fees compared to other markets. Improve your profit margin! (Buyers, you pay nothing to BitBoost.)


Available for Windows and Mac. Linux and mobile devices coming soon! The app is built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts, and is decentralized.


BBM does not require any personal information, nor does it track you in any way. To start, you need only create an Ether wallet, which you can do when you run BBM for the first time. Ether wallets are anonymous.

Your data is secure

Tired of having your personal data collected and sold to third parties? Concerned about the risk of data hacking? Our app doesn't collect your info so there is nothing to sell. Using our app reduces your risk and protects your privacy.

Internal messages encrypted

Messages between buyer and seller, including address and shipping method, are encrypted. Your data is controlled by you, not publicly shared.


Pick the language you want to use. Change the colors. Give yourself a Sig or nickname your favorite merchant. More customization coming!

Are you a seller?

Our Sellers Program is the first step to build a working, profitable marketplace over the blockchain. We want to onboard as many sellers as we can and find out what matters to you! What do you want to sell? Who is your ideal customer? Knowing things like this will help us to better serve you.

In the end, it is about validating our value proposition, determining where we need to improve, and setting the foundations for a great service for everyone.